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London School of Economics


LSE Summer School 2002 - Management Programme


MG104 - Principles of Organisation and Management







Prof. Birgit Benkhoff, Niels-Erik Wergin



None, although some familiarity with Psychology or Organisation Studies would be an advantage

Course Syllabus:

The intention is to introduce students to the study of organisations and their management. The course covers theories of organisations and motivation, recent trends in organisational design and modern management thinking on how organisations can become more effective in the competitive conditions of the world economy in the late twentieth century. Social science concepts relevant to understanding organisations are discussed.

We look at the theoretical arguments that might justify particular managerial strategies and techniques, and the related evidence (for example, whether empowerment increases employee effort and work quality). A wide range of current organisational issues are considered delayering, reward systems, culture, team work and the psychological contract.



Lectures: 36 hours,  Classes: 12 hours


Lecture Plan:



Basic Texts:

Steers, R. M. et al. (1996): Motivation and Leadership at Work, 6th ed, McGraw Hill.

Robbins, S. P. (1998): Organisational Behaviour, 8th ed, Prentice Hall.



2 written examinations

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