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Teaching Materials


Some of my lecture notes and other teaching materials from the current as well as previous academic years are available here. If you don't know how to print PowerPoint slides, read this first!


page contents:

  current courses (academic year 2005-06)

  past courses 

  advice on printing lecture notes


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Current Courses

  Introduction to Human Recourse Management

  International and Comparative HRM

  Working in Organisations 

  Employee Relations and Reward 

  Employee Resourcing

  Business Research in Management 

  Dissertation in General Management and International Business 

  Personal and Professional Development


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Past Courses

  Scholarship, Research and Analysis (2004/05)

  Human Recourse Management and Employment Relations (2004)

  Organisation and Strategic Management (2003/04)

  Comparative Employment Relations (2003/04)

  Comparative Industrial Relations (2002/03)

  Principles of Organisation and Management (2002)

  Employee Relations (2000/01)


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Advice for Printing Lecture Notes

  1. Left-click on the link for the lecture you want to print, and choose 'Save', NOT 'Open' (and remember the location where you save the file)

  2. Open the file you just saved

  3. Click on 'File', then choose 'Print'

  4. Under 'Print what' choose 'Handouts', then choose six slides per page (this is important, as the default setting is one slide per page)

NB: You need Microsoft PowerPoint to view the slides. If you don't have the programme on you computer, you have two options:

  • You can view the slides on any university computer (they have the necessary software)

  • You can download the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer free of charge here. This programme allows you to view and print the lecture slides.


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Working in Organisation


Lecture notes

  Lecture 4: Stakeholder and SWOT Analysis

  Lecture 13: Perception and Perceptual Distortion



If you have problems printing the lecture notes, read this!


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Scholarship, Research and Analysis


Lecture notes

  Lecture 9: Quoting, Referencing and Bibliographies

  Lecture 10: Avoiding Plagiarism 

  Lecture 22: How to Conduct a Literature Review 


Additional Materials

  Planning and Writing a Dissertation by Peter Levine

  Harvard Referencing by Leeds Met University

  How to avoid Accusations of Plagiarism by Peter Levine

  How to Find Journals

  How to Find Journal Articles

  General Information Sources

  Business and Management Information Sources

  Searching for Information on Companies

  Finding and Evaluating Information on the Internet


If you have problems printing the lecture notes, read this!


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Introduction to Human Resource Management

  Lecture 2: An Introduction to Industrial Relations

  Lecture 4: The Historical Context of Industrial Relations 

  Lecture 6: Labour Markets 

  Lecture 7: Contract of Employment 

  Lecture 10: Equal Opportunities and Diversity 

  Lecture 13: Frames of Reference of Employment Relations 

  Lecture 15: Collective Bargaining and Negotiations at the Workplace 

  Lecture 16: Employment Law

  Lecture 17: Global Issues 


If you have problems printing the lecture notes, read this!

NB: Bernadette Ryan's lecture notes are available on WebCT only! 





International and Comparative HRM

  Lecture 1: Industrial Relations and HRM in Germany


If you have problems printing the lecture notes, read this!

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